Mission, Vision & Values


The New Zealand Association of General Surgeons is the voice of General Surgery in New Zealand: promoting excellence, collegiality and the well-being of its surgeons and patients.

Promoting Surgical Excellence


NZAGS aims to be the body representing Specialist General Surgery in New Zealand, through:

  • promoting and supporting education and training programs that produce Specialist General Surgeons of the highest professional standard
  • assuming responsibility for Specialist General Surgical training, to the level of Fellowship of RACS
  • ensuring that Specialist General Surgeons maintain the highest standards of professional competence
  • providing NZAGS members with valuable benefits and services that support their professional lives as Specialist General Surgeons
  • promoting research into Specialist General Surgical disorders, and advancing the knowledge of how such disorders are managed
  • developing an autonomous, well-functioning society for Specialist General Surgeons, while maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with other specialty societies, interest groups, and professional bodies
  • promoting the reputation of Specialist General Surgery in New Zealand
  • promoting NZAGS as the authority for Specialist General Surgery in New Zealand, and having the Society recognised as such by government, health groups, and the wider community
  • developing efficient and economical administrative processes for the management of NZAGS and its resources
  • implementing processes that provide a secure financial position for NZAGS


The core values of the society, which underlie all of its activities, are excellence, accountability, and transparency. NZAGS promotes the highest standard of surgical care for the people of New Zealand, based on expertise, compassion, ethical practice, conscientiousness, and scholarship.

In pursuing its objectives, NZAGS aims to provide exceptional customer service and seeks to protect the interests of both its members and the wider community.