Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has responsibilities for the overall direction of the activities and affairs of the Association and shall work to enhance and promote the interests of the Association and its current and future members.

Membership of the Executive Committee

This is detailed in the Constitution of the NZAGS. In nominating members of the Executive Committee, the Association should encourage those who have relevant skills and experience to contribute at this level. 


The Executive Committee has overall responsibility for the activities and affairs of the Association, which in practice is achieved through delegation to the Executive Director, and the Standing Committees of the Association.
The Executive Committee has reserved responsibility for the overall direction of the affairs and activities of the Association, as well as other duties.

Specifically, the Executive Committee is responsible for:

  • Setting appropriate frameworks of governance and oversight of the Association;
  • Approving the strategic plan, operating budget, and capital expenditure each year;
  • Promoting ethical and responsible decision-making;
  • Ensuring the appropriate governance structures are in place;
  • Promoting the success of the Association in a manner designed to create and build sustainable value for members;
  • Effectively utilising and respecting of the experienced professional advice available within the Association in making decisions that have a material effect on the Association; and
  • Forwarding recommendations for the appointment of auditors, the appointment of the Association solicitor, and the adoption of annual accounts to a General Meeting of the Association on an annual basis.

Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the Executive Committee Charter.

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