NZAGS SX Guidelines for Minor Skin Procedures

2015: NZAGS is pleased to announce that Southern Cross will accept self-accreditation by NZAGS members performing minor skin lesion procedures under local anaesthetic in their rooms, provided they comply with the agreed guidelines provide here
The NZAGS Executive encourages all NZAGS Members for whom this applies to promptly review their practice alongside these guidelines and institute any changes required to comply promptly. 
As part of the agreement with Southern Cross, members should be aware that NZAGS has agreed it will inform Southern Cross if it becomes aware of any non-compliance with these guidelines.
Download a PDF copy of the NZAGS/Southern Cross Guidelines
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Latest Update - 5 April, 2013    From the President - Michael Rodgers

Latest news: 2015 NZAGS SX Guidelines for Minor Skin Procedures