Couriers, Deliveries & Collections

Arranging couriers and transportation of equipment along with any costs associated with storage of equipment, is the sole responsibility of the sponsor/exhibitor. If you have forwarded courier items direct to the venue prior to your arrival, please check with the registration desk who will advise where your goods are located. If you are expecting any items to be delivered during your stay please provide details to the onsite Organisers.

For exhibitors sending from overseas:
Please note that NZ Customs does charge tax and duties for equipment imported into New Zealand for use at an exhibition, even if that equipment will be returned overseas following the conference. This charge is payable by the importer, i.e. the company sending the equipment. Exhibitors must arrange customs clearance and payment directly with their shipping company. Customs clearance can take a number of days so international exhibitors are advised to send their shipments early to allow time for NZ Customs to clear the shipment.


All packages must be collected on the first business day after the event conclusion. Please leave your labelled packages in at your stand ready for collection. All packages must be sealed and properly addressed, with courier instructions in place. Any items not picked up 7 days after the event will no longer be stored and will be disposed of. Any items which are left at your stand and not labelled for collection, will be treated as rubbish and disposed of accordingly by the hotel (recycling where possible).

The Organisers and venue accepts no responsibility for items left in the venue before or after an exhibition. We are unable to arrange courier collection on your behalf. The venue will not take any responsibility for items not collected.

Exhibition Terms & Conditions

Exhibition Stands will be allocated on a first in, first served basis following the confirmation of sponsors’ stands. The Organisers reserve the right to modify the floor plan to accommodate exhibition sales or change as necessary to avoid company competitor conflicts. While the Organisers will endeavour to do their best to consult the exhibitors when modifying the floor plan, they are not obliged to do so.

Exhibitors may register and book accommodation via the conference website. No personnel are included in the stand cost, unless part of a sponsorship entitlement. Name badges that are issued are non-transferable and must be worn for the duration of the conference, including pack in and pack out. The Exhibitor, their staff and contractors will not be admitted to the venue if name badges are not fully displayed. 

Exhibition Space Regulations
Alcohol: Alcohol cannot be served from stands. Alcohol is not permitted as stand prizes.

Cleaning: Stands and exhibits shall be kept clean and tidy throughout the conference. Cleaning of the stand is the responsibility of the Exhibitor.

Banners & Signage: No banners, signage or other materials are to be hung from the ceiling or placed on the walls within the venue or from any structure outside the venue without permission from the Organisers. This includes any projection from the exhibitor’s space to areas outside their allocated space. Exhibitors must confine promotional material to within their allocated space.

Damages: The Exhibitor shall take all reasonable care when installing/dismantling its equipment and stand so as not to cause damage to the venue, carpet, walls and floors and the prefabrication booths supplied by the exhibition build contractor, including the panels, fascia and spotlights. The Exhibitor will be responsible for repairs if the structures are damaged.

Dangerous & Hazardous Substances: Substances that are of a dangerous, flammable, explosive or of objectionable nature must not be brought into the venue without formal notification to the Department of Labour, the Organisers and the venue. Where it is proposed to use toxic materials or fluids, the disposal of such materials requires notification to the Department of Labour. The nature of the material or fluid and the quantities involved and a copy of the plan for disposal must be forwarded to the Organisers and the venue no later than 14 days prior to the conference commencing. No more than one day’s supply of any hazardous or dangerous substance shall be stored on the stand or within the venue at any time; the remainder must be stored in closed containers in a location as per the Hazardous Substance and New Organisms Act.

Electricity: The electricity supply is 230 Volts, 50 Hertz. Equipment designed for different voltages will require a transformer. Power sockets accept a three flat pin plug or similar adapters. All electrical devices used or brought into the venue must be compliant with relevant New Zealand Standards. If halogen tube lights are used on an exhibition stand, the globe must be protected with safety glass to minimise the risk of fire. All electrical power cords and appliances are to be tested and tagged prior to their use. The venue and organisers will accept no responsibility for operation difficulties that may occur as a result of supplying private equipment. The Oranisers reserve the right to remove or replace any electrical equipment that does not comply.

Food: Give-aways, only of pre-packaged food, are permitted from exhibition stands. Exhibitors are not permitted to sell, prepare or cook food within the exhibition area.

Noise and Obstructions: Exhibitors may advertise within their stand area and may use amplifiers or videos, but at all times the noise level must be reasonable and not detract from other exhibitors displays. Exhibitors must not obstruct the aisles and public walking areas. The Organiser may prohibit or regulate any noise level that it considers, in its sole discretion, is an annoyance or disadvantage to other exhibitors. Where videos are used, adequate space must be allowed within the stand space and must not cause obstruction in the aisle.

Promotional Material: No promotional material may be distributed (e.g. on seats in plenary sessions) or displayed outside of the stand area without permission of the Organisers.

Rubbish: Venue staff will handle normal rubbish disposal and rubbish bins will be available during packin/out times. Please do not stack packing and rubbish in front of fire doors. Please label rubbish clearly and place any items of rubbish directly in front of your stand and ask a venue staff member to permanently dispose on your behalf.

Unoccupied Space: Any space not claimed and occupied by the commencement of the conference can be reassigned by the Organisers without refund to the original exhibitor. 

Failure to Perform
In the event of the Exhibitor or Sponsor being unable or unwilling to comply with or otherwise breaching this Contract, the Organisers may terminate the Contract by giving notice in writing. Thereafter, the Organisers may retain any payment made by the Exhibitor or Sponsor under this Contract as liquidated damages. The Exhibitor shall be prohibited from occupying the booth and shall immediately remove their exhibits from the venue, in accordance with the Organisers instructions.

The Organisers shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any exhibit or property of any sponsor or exhibitor. The sponsor or exhibitor will at their own expense hold adequate insurance against property loss or damage and against liability of personal injury and liability for property damage. The sponsor/exhibitor will provide proof of such insurance on request by the Organisers.

Noise Level
The nature of exhibitions is such that noise is unavoidable. Exhibitors must expect and accept a certain level of noise in their booth area. In the event of justifiable complaints from other exhibitors, the Organisers and/or the venue reserves the right to determine the acceptable sound level and extent of demonstrations.

Prohibition of Transfer
This Contract creates a license to exhibit at the conference and not a tenancy. Exhibitors may not assign, share, sublet or grant licenses in respect of the whole or any part of the space allocated except where written approval has first been obtained from the Organisers.

Postponement or Abandonment
In no event shall the sponsor or exhibitor have any claim for damages of any kind against the Organisers in respect of any loss or damage consequential upon the prevention, postponement or abandonment of the conference. Nor for any loss or damage whatsoever sustained by the sponsor or exhibitor by reason of any defect in the building or circumstances beyond the control of the Organisers not related to the building, caused by fire, storm tempest, lightning, national emergency, war, terrorism, labour disputes, strikes or lock outs, civil disturbances, explosion, inevitable accident, force majeure, nor any other causes not within the control of the Organisers. Nor for any loss or damage occasioned, if by reason of happening of any such event, the opening of the conference is prevented, or postponed or delayed or abandoned.

The Organisers shall be entitled to retain such part of all sums paid by the sponsor or exhibitor, as the Organisers consider necessary. If in the opinion of the Organisers, by re-arrangement or postponement of the period of the conference, or by substitution of another venue or by other reasonable manner, the conferencecan be rescheduled, then the contract shall be binding upon the parties except as to size and position of booths, as to which any modifications, substitutions or re-arrangement they consider necessary shall be determined by the Organisers. Where the venue becomes wholly or partially unavailable for the holding of the conference, through reasons beyond the Organisers’ control, the Organisers shall be entitled on giving notice in writing to determine this contract and may, in their absolute discretion, refund in whole or in part any payment the sponsor or exhibitor is liable to make under this contract.

Right of Rejection
The Organisers reserve the right to prohibit, in whole or in part, any exhibition or sponsorship that they deem to be inappropriate. The sponsor or exhibitor agrees not to display or disseminate any material that in the opinion of the Organisers is unsuitable. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse any person admission to the conference without assigning any reason.

Every precaution will be taken to protect sponsor’s and exhibitor’s equipment. However the Organisers and the venue will not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to exhibits or equipment placed at the venue. In all cases the exhibitor must assume responsibility for damage of property, accident and injuries to employees, delegates and others.

The venue must be returned to the condition in which it was found. Cellotape and double sided tapes, tacking, hooks, pins or nailing into timberwork, painted finish or fabrics are strictly prohibited. Damage to the building is chargeable to the exhibitor.

Waiver of Liability
To the extent permitted by law, the Conference Organisers or Exhibition Managers will not be liable for injuries to any person, or damages to property owned or controlled by exhibitors. The sponsor or exhibitor shall fully protect, indemnify and hold harmless the Organisers and Conference Managers and the society organising the event, their officers, employees and agents from and against any direct losses, liability, damages, actions, proceedings, claims, demands, costs and expenses including (without limitation) solicitor and own clients costs, incurred directly in connection with any breach by the exhibitor of any term or warranty in this Agreement or the negligent or wrongful act or default of the exhibitor or any of its employees or agents in performing obligations under this Agreement.

Code of Conduct

The organising committee has resolved to formalise a standard of behaviour for conference delegates and industry/sales representatives. The Committee put a great deal of effort into planning and presenting this conference, for the benefit of all attendees.

Our aims are:
• To ensure that all delegates gain the maximum benefit from attending
• Sponsors who are vital to the success of each conference achieve their goals and continue to support the conference
• Attendees recognise the benefits of the conference and support the presence of the industry as part of the industry exhibition
• Networking opportunities are undertaken on a formal, professional level and informally at social functions.

As a participant you have a responsibility to yourself, your employer and your colleagues to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. The continued success of each conference relies on your participation, support and commitment to this effort. We will work together with your organisation to produce the best results.

Health and Safety

The sponsor and exhibitor will abide by, and notify its employees, agents, contractors, subcontractors, invitees and licensees of the venue’s health and safety plans. There is no smoking inside the venue. Fire exits must be kept clear at all times. All sponsors and exhibitors must comply with all reasonable direction of the venue operator.

All sponsors, exhibitors and their employees, agents, contractors, sub-contractors, invitees and licensees shall take all practical steps to ensure that no action or inaction of the exhibitor/employee/agent/contractor/ subcontractor/invitee/licensee while at the venue harms any other person. Every sponsor/exhibitor /contractor/subcontractor invitees and licensees shall:

  • Provide the necessary resources and documentation to ensure that the work that is carried out is done with strict compliance to Health and Safety requirements.
  • Provide adequate instructions and equipment to their employees so that they are able to comply with the Health and Safety procedures specific to the job.
  • Ensure that all the necessary insurances and licenses are available and current; to ensure that the safety and legality of any activity carried out within the venues is beyond question.
  • Ensure that their workspace is kept neat and tidy so as to avoid hazards or items likely to cause injury or harm to anyone.
  • All accidents, incidents or near misses are to be reported to the Organisers immediately.


The Organisers comply with the Privacy Act 1993. In the course of this Agreement the Organisers may collect personal information. Information collected will only be used for the purposes of conducting the conference or for communicating with attendees after the conference has concluded (where communications are by electronic means the Organisers will only communicate with those persons who have consented to receiving commercial electronic messages from the Organisers). Personal information will only be kept for as long as it is required to conduct the purposes. We will only pass your information to official third party contractors, conference attendees and the organising committee for the purpose of assisting you with your sponsor/exhibition participation. We take all reasonable steps to ensure that information (including personal information) collected by the Organisers is securely stored and protected.

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