Deborah Wright is a General and Colorectal surgeon in Dunedin.

Deborah began her medical training in the UK, before relocating to New Zealand in 2003 where she completed her training in General Surgery and a PhD in the molecular biology of colorectal cancer. She went on to complete subspecialty training in colorectal surgery spending time in Auckland and Birmingham, UK.

Deborah returned to New Zealand in 2019 and was appointed as a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Surgical Sciences, Dunedin Medical School. Her research interests reflect her clinical practice and role as a clinical teacher; they include cancer genomics, medical education, gender equity and trainee-led collaborative research studies. Deborah is privileged to support doctors in training to lead New Zealand’s involvement in large-scale national, international and global surgical studies capable of answering clinically-relevant questions and changing clinical practice.


How our Registrars Can Be Involved in Multinational Studies

Since their inception in the UK over a decade ago, trainee-led collaborative trials have been demonstrated to deliver innovative and clinical impactful research, and to develop research capacity within the surgical workforce. Over the last 3 years your students and trainees have made invaluable contributions to local, regional and global collaborative studies. Most recently nearly 100 New Zealand collaborators took part in GlobalSurg Week, the largest ever surgical study, which will influence surgical care around the work.

In this presentation I will highlight the opportunity that collaborative trials offer to both foster research interest and develop research skills amongst our students and trainees, to answer clinically-relevant questions, and to address health-inequity.

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