The New Zealand Association of General Surgeons is a membership based organisation of general surgeons throughout New Zealand. The principal functions of the Association are to represent the broad and collective interests of general surgeons particularly in the areas of vocational training, continuing professional development, workforce planning as well as acting as the interface between general surgeons, Government and components of the health sector generally.

The Association has a formal constitution and is governed by an elected Chairman and Executive Committee. The Association employs a staff of four - an Executive Director, General Manager of Projects, Policy and Education, a Training Manager and an Accounts Administrator all based in the offices of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in Wellington.

The main activities of the Association include:

  • Annual Scientific Weekend meeting, usually held in March of each year
  • Selection for vocational training
  • Delivery of General Surgery vocational training ¬†
  • Representation and advocacy for general surgeons in their interaction with Government, DHBs, Medical Council of New Zealand and other healthcare and patient organisations¬†
  • Newsletter for members
  • Regular updates on issues relevant to General Surgery in New Zealand for members through this website

Aims of the Association

  • To promote and represent the practice of General Surgery and associated specialties in New Zealand
  • To promote a forum for all General Surgeons to discuss and comment on matters affecting their practice
  • To promote activities that provide for continuing education, peer review and research in General Surgery
  • To aid the selection and training of medical practitioners in the specialty of General Surgery
  • To promote the Continuing Professional Development of General Surgeons
  • To be closely associated with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and its New Zealand National Board
  • To initiate work incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above aims

NZAGS Membership

Full Membership shall be open to all surgeons who are registered as specialists in General Surgery or who are eligible for specialist registration in General Surgery. Full members shall have voting rights and are eligible for election to the executive.

Annual Subscription ($ 520.50 incl GST for a full member, $260.25 incl GST for trainee/Associate membership.)

Under the terms of the New Zealand District Health Board Collective Agreement, full-time and part-time General Surgeons working for a DHB, whose only income is derived from their employment with the one employer, shall be reimbursed the full cost of the NZAGS membership from their DHB, where it is relevant to your duties and responsibilities.

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The Association Head Office can be found at:
Level 3, 8 Kent Terrace
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New Zealand
Postal Address:
PO Box 7451
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Phone: +64 4 384 3355

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