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Peer Support

There is a workshop planned for peer supporters to be held in Melbourne on Saturday 24 March 2018 to be hosted by Converge, the company contracted by RACS for Fellowship support. For information contact RACS

at .

Consideration of expressions of interest will include:

  • Previous experience providing pastoral care and/or mentoring.
  • Active clinical practice (or within 2 years of retirement).
  • Availability for contact outside of regular business hours.
  • Prior completion relevant training.
  • Demonstration of leadership.
  • Empathy and culturally sensitivity.
  • Availability to undertake relevant initial/ongoing training.

For additional information please contact the Director, Fellowship and Standards


The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons offers a number of courses and workshops for health professionals in Australia and New Zealand for both members of the College and non-members.

These activities include practical and online courses and focus on generic aspects of the nine RACS competencies such as communication, collaboration, management and leadership, health advocacy, scholar and teacher and professionalism as well as the clinical roles of a surgeon in relation to medical expertise, technical expertise and clinical decision making.

RACS Annual Scientific Meetings

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