SET Forms


Below are the forms for mid-term and end of term assessments and SET trainee requests:

Mid-and-End-of-Term-Form-Oct-2017.pdf  - these are due 2 weeks after the last day of mid-term or end of term.

Mini CEX Form

Surgical DOPS


Prior Approval of Research Topic - use this form to gain prior approval from the NZ Training  Committee - type in form, save and upload to SOLA on the research tab.

Research Progress Report - use this form if you are on interruption and upload to SOLA at the end of every 6 months.

Submit Research for Approval as SET component - for final approval of your research after it has either been presented or published. Submit this form along with supporting documentation and actual research. Those who may have your research scheduled for presenting at a national/international meeting - the research will not be considered for approval until the actual date of the meeting has taken place.


Other Forms

Trainee Request Form - use this form for interruption, RPL, final research requirement approval

Exam Preparation Form - for those preparing for the Fellowship Exam

360 Degrees Form - for those who would like to assess their own capabilities, in particular leadership, teamwork, ethics, communication and teaching skills

Trainee Handover Form - new for 2017.  To be filled out by trainee and new supervisor


Hospital Allocations

New Zealand Training Hospitals - allocation preferences will be taken April/May to allow time for allocation of the next training year.  

If you have any questions, please email Helen Glasgow or call (04) 384-3355.

Fax:  (04) 384-5731.