New Zealand Posters

  1. A Multicentre Study of Appendicitis Management Comparing a Large South Island Metropolitan Hospital, to its Referring Regional and Rural Centres, Jethro Palmer, South Canterbury DHB, NZ
  2. A Prospective Cohort Study of Opiate Use and Prolonged Postoperative Ileus Risk Following Colorectal Surgery in an ERAS Hospital, William Xu, University of Auckland, NZ
  3. A Retrospective Evaluation of Surgical Technique During Laparoscopic Appendicectomy at Auckland City Hospital, Greer Janssen, Auckland DHB, NZ
  4. A Review of Radiologic Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis and the Impact on the Negative Appendicectomy Rate at Auckland City Hospital, Ali Sarfarazi, Counties Manukau DHB, NZ
  5. An Audit of Hospital Length of Stay of Patients Receiving Cholecystectomy for Acute Cholecystitis At Dunedin Hospital from 2016 to 2019, Mostafa Amer, Southland DHB, NZ
  6. Comparison of Blood Loss Between Patients with an Anatomically Designed Pressure Dressing Versus a Standard Dressing after Mastectomy and Axillary Surgery, Abby Walsh, Auckland DHB & Counties Manukau DHB, NZ
  7. Contemporary Use and Outcomes of Isolated Limb Infusion for Treatment of Melanoma in New Zealand, Hilary Parsons, Waitemata DHB, NZ
  8. Defunctioning Ileostomy Alone vs Colectomy and Ileostomy – Which is Safer in Medically Refractory Crohn’s Colitis? Preekesh Patel, Waikato DHB, NZ
  9. Demographics of Acute Diverticulitis in a Provincial New Zealand Hospital, Aleisha Sutherland, Waikato DHB, NZ
  10. Evaluation of Management of Breast Abscesses in Waikato DHB over 10 Years -Phase I of a III-Phase Study in Evidence-Based Standardisation, Shriranshini Satheakeerthy, Waikato DHB, NZ
  11. Evaluation of Preoperative Parathyroid Imaging Modalities within a Provincial Hospital Setting, Louis Antoine Bonnet, Whanganui DHB, NZ
  12. Evaluation of Three-Dimensional Printing as a Patient Education Tool in Colorectal Surgery, Holly Sprosen, Bay of Plenty DHB, NZ
  13. Follow-up of Appendix Neuroendocrine Tumours in Auckland, Luke Henry, Auckland DHB, NZ
  14. Getting to Grips with Tokyo 18 Guidelines: Improving the Management of Acute Cholecystitis, Cheyaanthan Haran, Capital & Coast DHB, NZ
  15. Hartmann’s Procedure A Review of Reversal Rates and Timing of Reversal, Hannah Bascand, Capital & Coast DHB, NZ
  16. Increase in Incidence of Appendix Neuroendocrine Tumours, Luke Henry, Auckland DHB, NZ
  17. Influence of Previous Colonic Resection on Colonoscopy Quality Indicators: A Prospective Evaluation from a New Zealand Centre, Sameer Bhat, The University of Auckland, NZ
  18. Introducing SentiMag in a Rural Setting: A Five Year Experience, Sharmaine Sreedhar, Hauora Tairawhiti, NZ
  19. Investigating Patterns of Endoscopy Use after Positive Findings on CT Colonography in a Rural Hospital: An Observational, Retrospective Analysis, Max Anderson, South Canterbury DHB, NZ
  20. Just a Lap Chole? New Zealand’s Difficult Gallbladders and their Complications, Olga Korduke, Waikato DHB, NZ
  21. Key Performance Indicators for Thyroid Surgery: Results from North Shore Hospital, Auckland, Michael (Jin Xin) Lin, Waitemata DHB, NZ
  22. New Zealand Experience of Pressurised Intraperitoneal Aerosol Chemotherapy (PIPAC) A Case Series, Bernadette Goodwin, Waikato DHB, NZ
  23. Predicted Effects of the Updated Polyp Surveillance Guidelines on Colonoscopy Waiting Lists, Nick Mcintosh, Hawke’s Bay DHB, NZ
  24. Prospective Randomised Controlled Trial Comparing the Efficacy of Laparoscopic Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass Versus Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy for the Management of Type 2 Diabetes in Obese Patients Reflux and Barrett’s Esophagus Sub-Study, Young Min Lee, Waitemata DHB, NZ
  25. Retrospective Audit of 6 Years Retroperitoneal and Abdominal Sarcoma Workload through Multidisciplinary Meeting, Mike Russell, Auckland DHB, NZ
  26. Review of Colorectal Cancer Surveillance Program at Lower Hutt Hospital, Sai Tim Yam, Hutt Valley DHB & Mid Central DHB, NZ
  27. Right Hemicolectomy for Appendix Neuroendocrine Tumours, Luke Henry, Auckland DHB, NZ
  28. Role of Colonoscopy following Appendicectomy in Patients over 40 Years-Old, Sarah Cowan, Taranaki DHB, NZ
  29. Stoma-Output Reinfusion Device for Ileostomy Patients: A Feasibility Study, Chen Liu, University of Auckland, NZ
  30. Successful Common Bile Duct Exploration in a Regional Centre: A Retrospective Review over 10 Years, Renee Christmas, Midcentral DHB, NZ
  31. Surgical Centralisation in New Zealand – is Paediatric Appendicitis Best Managed by Paediatric Surgeons? Brodie Elliott, Canterbury DHB, NZ
  32. Surgical Quality Indicators in Three Pacific Island Countries, Rennie Qin, Program in Global Surgery and Social Change, NZ
  33. Temporal Artery Biopsies – Is There Still a Need? Lucinda Duncan-Were, Auckland DHB, NZ
  34. Tertiary Surveys – Maximising Opportunities for Better Care, Greer Janssen, Auckland DHB, NZ
  35. The Management and Mortality of Breast Cancer in the Elderly in Auckland, New Zealand, between 2000 – 2018, Jennifer Scott, Counties Manukau DHB, NZ
  36. The Role of Multimodal Analgesia in Early Postoperative Pain Management. A Study from A Rural New Zealand Hospital, Harith Awrooj, Whanganui DHB, NZ
  37. Two Cases of the Rare Parahiatal Hernia: An Intra-Operative Finding to Be Aware, Hannah Bascand, Capital & Coast DHB, NZ
  38. Variations in the Management of Acute Appendicitis During COVID-19, Nick Mcintosh, Hawke’s Bay DHB, NZ
  39. Waikato Breast Cancer Patients – Faster Cancer Treatment (FCT) Indicators Audit, Brian O’Sullivan, Waikato DHB, NZ
  40. What Delays Trauma Patients in the Emergency Department of a Provincial New Zealand Hospital?, Holly Sprosen, Bay of Plenty DHB, NZ
  41. Sustainability in the Private Healthcare Sector, Stephen Child, Southern Cross Health Society, NZ
  42. A Combined IL10-CEA Score is Predictive of Disease Free Survival in Colorectal Cancer, Ashok Gunawardene, Taranaki DHB, NZ
  43. The Burden of the Open Abdomen – A Single-Centre 5-Year Review, Hannah Scowcroft, Canterbury DHB, NZ
  44. Ethnicity Outcomes for Colorectal Cancer Care at Christchurch Hospital – A Retrospective Review, Hannah Scowcroft, Canterbury DHB, NZ
  45. Transversus Abdominis Release (TAR) for Major Ventral Hernia: Repairing the Pear-Shaped Abdomen, Soane Misiloi, Counties Manukau Health, New Zealand
  46. How to Repair a Small Umbilical Hernia Laparoscopically, Sam Matthews, Counties Manuaku Health, NZ
  47. Anti-Xa Levels Used to Titrate Enoxaparin Dose for Major Burns at Middlemore Critical Care Unit (CCU), Sam Matthews, Counties Manuaku Health, NZ
  48. The Banded Sleeve Gastrectomy Revisited Long-Term Experience from a Single Centre, Mavis Orizu, Waitemata DHB, NZ

Overseas Posters

  1. Analysis of National Bariatric Surgery Related Clinical Incidents, Islam Omar, South Tyneside and Sunderland Foundation Trust, UK
  2. Common General Surgical Never Events An In-Depth Analysis of Never Events Data held by NHS England, Islam Omar, South Tyneside And Sunderland Foundation Trust, UK
  3. Effect of One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass on Haematinics, Vitamin D, and Parathyroid Hormone Levels, Islam Omar, South Tyneside And Sunderland Foundation Trust, UK
  4. Identification of Common Themes from Never Events Data Published by NHS England,Islam Omar, South Tyneside and Sunderland Foundation Trust, UK
  5. Improving Post-Operative Parenteral Nutrition Administration within the General Surgical Department as per NCEPOD Guidance, Chaitya Desai, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, UK
  6. Low Falls in Trauma Patients Aged 65 Years and Over: The Low Impact Trauma with High Impact Outcomes, Elizabeth Lockie, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia
  7. On the Road Again: Paediatric Appendicectomy Outcomes at a Regional Referral Hospital,Christopher Shean, The Canberra Hospital, Australia
  8. Readmissions After Cholecystectomy in a Tertiary UK Center: Incidence, Causes and Burden, Islam Omar, South Tyneside And Sunderland Foundation Trust, UK
  9. Routine Histopathology Examination of the Sleeved Stomach after Sleeve Gastrectomy – Significance and Comparison with Preoperative Endoscopy, Islam Omar, South Tyneside And Sunderland Foundation Trust, UK
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