Constitution and Code of Conduct

NZAGS has a formal Constitution  and is governed by an elected Chair and Executive Committee. Changes to the Constitution must be approved by a majority vote at an ASM.


NZAGS has adopted the Royal Australasian College of Surgeon's Code of Conduct.

NZAGS is committed to the values of service and professionalism, integrity, respect and compassion, commitment and diligence and collaboration and teamwork. These values guide us in our interactions with fellow surgeons, trainees, medical and health care staff, patients and other stakeholders in the health sector.

This Code of Conduct reflects the minimum professional standards expected by NZAGS and the communities we serve. The Code recognises the varied aspects of the professional lives of general surgeons and provides guidelines to assist members, including trainees, uphold and support these values.

NZAGS members are encouraged to embrace the Code and to regularly review its contents during your professional lives. 

Another excellent resource provided by RACS is fact sheet on Bullying, Discrimination and Sexual Harassment.

RACS also has a policy on Inappropriate Behaviour in the workplace.