Executive Committee Nomination Form

Nominations to New Zealand Association of General Surgeons Executive

It is the time of year to select your Executive for the coming year and nominations are now being sought. Click here to download a nomination form.

The next annual general meeting will be in Auckland on Saturday 13th March, 2016 at 1.00pm. Nominations are being sought for the executive.

Please nominate a member of your department (with permission) or yourself if you want to become involved.

 NZAGS needs active committee members with a range of skills:

  • Team members
  • Sub-specialty surgeons
  • General surgeons +-special interests
  • Financial
  • Political
  • Educational
  • Private practice experience
  • Public practice experience
  • City surgeons
  • Rural surgeons
  • Academic surgeons

NZAGS represents general surgery, general surgeons and general surgery trainees. The Executive is active in many committees e.g. bowel cancer screening, CPD, nurse endoscopy. As well, we represent general surgery on the NZ National Board and the Board in General Surgery. This year we have been active in supporting, representing and keeping members informed in a number of areas e.g. "mesh", Southern Cross AP scheme", Nurse Endoscopy, PHARMAC. In addition, NZAGS, with the NZAGS Training Committee, look after the NZ trainees, who are our General Surgeons of the future.


 The NZAGS Constitution states (Section: 4.b):

“The Executive Committee will be elected by postal ballot for a term of four years and be eligible for re-election for a further four years.

The Officers (i.e. Office Bearers) will be elected by the Committee annually with a maximum of two years for the President and Vice-President.”

 Section 4 (c) states:

 …“the Committee shall have the power to co-opt a member or members to fill that deficiency (a deficiency by way of geographic or peripheral interest) to ensure that the interests of all members are represented.”


Based on the rules in the Constitution there are no vacancies on the NZAGS Executive this year as a result of the all members being eligible for re-election

Nominations are invited but not required for the Executive of the New Zealand Association of General Surgeons for a four year period beginning March 2016.  If more than three nominations are received a postal vote will be conducted.

Click the link below to print out a nomination form. Can be emailed, faxed, or posted to NZAGS.

Nominations must be in the hands of the Secretary by Friday 22nd January 2016. 


Bronwen Evans
Executive Director
New Zealand Association of General Surgeons